The Gordonsville Herald

Volume XXXVIII, Issue 6                                                                                                                             June 1, 2019



It Has Been Said . . .

That no hearse pulls a trailer to haul possessions to the cemetery. Although . . . I did see, some time ago, a funeral home car pulling a fishing boat going down Hwy. 231.  I literally did a “double-take” to make sure I saw what I thought I had seen.  When we die, our bodies/ashes are buried but what we leave behind is called a legacy.


In Our Fast-Paced World . . .

We don’t take much time to consider the question of how we will be remembered when we are gone.  But, to leave a legacy, we cannot put off thinking about the inevitable.  All of us will bequeath to those who follow, a mark, a legacy.  What will yours be?  I believe the greatest gift we can leave behind is legacy of faith in Jesus Christ.  I’ve been working on my legacy just over 50 years and it’s still a work in progress.


The Faith We Possess . . .

Is an inheritance that has been passed down to us for some 2,000 plus years.  I agree whole heartedly with the words of Pastor John Piper, “It is the Biblical duty of every generation of Christians to see to it that the next generation hears about the mighty acts of God . . . He intends that the older generation will teach the newer generation . . . to trust and obey and rejoice.”  Matter of fact, the Bible speaks clearly about this in Deuteronomy 6:4-9.  I challenge you to take a moment to “read” these six powerful verses.


As I Ponder My Own Upbringing . . .

I am grateful for parents who passed it on to me.  I’m grateful for a dad and mom who made sure that it was passed down.  I’m grateful for men and women in my home church who were faithful to reinforce what I got at home.  Most of them are gone now, but they live on through me and those coming behind me.  I am thankful for all of those who shared the Gospel with me and contributed to my being who I am today.


Think It Over . . .

A legacy is a lasting product of what matters most to you now.  Are you choosing to leave a legacy of faith?  How we are remembered tomorrow is often determined by how people see us walking in our faith today.  By our actions, choices, values, and attitudes we are making a mark . . . AND that mark can affect homes, churches, and nations for generations to come.


                                    Leaving a Legacy                              

                                    Pastor Wayne



Lifesigns:                        5/5               5/12               5/19                 5/26                     Stewardship Report

“Thrive Time                     18                  29                                            32                  Budget Needs through May 26: $ 93,828

Sunday Bible Study          70                  55                                            59                  Budget Gifts through May 26:   $ 78,612

Worship                           104                  98                  70                       78                 Budget Shortfall:                          $ 15,216   

Offering                      $ 4,866           $ 2,478            $ 2,915              $ 3,334    

Average Attendance:   Sunday School       61            Worship (includes Thrive Time)   107




Excerpts from the Minutes of the May 8 Church Business Meeting:

  • That David Navarre and Linda Shifflett serve as Co-Directors of Sunday School (September 1, 2019 – August 31, 2020).

  • That the Buildings and Grounds Committee look into making the parking lot entrance to the Fellowship Hall ADA compliant.  Their recommendation reported at the July 2019 Church Business Meeting.

  • That anytime the church credit card is used, the printed receipt be retained until the bill is received; then the receipt should be attached to that statement when payment is made.  These statements would become part of the Treasurer’s Report and would be presented along with that report.  This would allow everyone to see how the money is being spent and allow us to be sure church guidelines were being followed.  When an audit is conducted, this would be further proof that funds were spent according to church guidelines.

  • That Gordonsville Baptist Church be an Operation Christmas Child Drop-Off Center Location for 2019.  Dates of shoe box operation will be Monday, November 18 through Monday, November 25, 2019.

  • The family of Phillip W. Goodwin, Sr., hereby donates to Gordonsville Baptist Church, two cast iron cooking pots.  These are the pots used by the church, in the past, to cook Brunswick Stew.  The pots are to be stored by the Church at a location they choose.  Also, the Church grants permission to the Goodwin family to use these pots when not in conflict with a Church function.  Pots to be

    returned to the Church in good condition.

    Want a voice in the workings of your church?  Attend the next Business Meeting on July 10.

     (The Nominating Committee Report will be presented at this meeting.)


    Saturday, June 29           11 AM – Noon           Gordonsville Methodist Church (Main Street)

           MENU  “Picnic Foods and Dessert”

    Anyone wishing to donate food, please take dish to the Methodist Church before 10:30 AM.  Thank you for your support




    PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR OUR NOMINATING COMMITTEE . . . Linda Peyton, Chair, Jeanette Herndon, Janet Hartsook, Mike Moubray, Brenda Stoner and Carolyn Tanner . . . as they continue to work to enlist those who will serve on committees, etc.  May God bless each of you as you serve the Lord.

    The Nominating Committee will give their report at the July 10TH Business Meeting.




    But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves” (James 1:22 NKJV)

    • Wednesday June 5, June 12 and June 19 – Youth and Adult VBS at 7 PM  (Youth will help during VBS Week

      (June 10-14)

    • Other activities and meetings will be listed in the weekly bulletins during the summer.


      Don’t forget to join us on Sunday mornings for “Thrive Time Worship” at 8:30; Sunday School at 9:45 AM and

      Traditional Worship at 11 AM.




                                                        “IN THE WILD”

              JUNE 10-JUNE 14            9 AM – NOON            AGE 4-GRADE 6

    WEDNESDAY, June 5, 12,19     7 PM    Youth (Grades 6-12)         

    WEDNESDAY, June 5, 12,19     7 PM    Adults

                       VBS Motto:   Zoom In! Focus on Jesus!

                                THEME VERSE:   John 20:31

    “But these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of

    God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.”  (CSB)


    2019 Director / Leaders / Teachers

    Director – Susan Eppard     Music Leaders – Tina Collis / Kylie Hoffman    Missions Leader – Wayne Collis

    VBS Assistant Director / Secretary – Debbie Hoffman / Amethyst Ralls

    Nursery (WORKERS ONLY) – Jeanette Herndon / Rose McDonald

    4-Year-Old / Kindergarten – Carson Yager / Jean Campbell / Krista Sacra

    1st – 2nd Grade – Pam Brushwood / Brenda Stoner

    3rd – 4th Grade –Sue Stacy / Carol Satterfield

    5th – 6th Grade – Pam Carpenter / Ashley Smith

    Youth (Grades 6-12) –David Navarre

    Adults – Wayne Collis

    Recreation – Charlie Fincham / Dan Stacy / Noah Sacra

    AV Tech – Rudy Richardson

    Snacks – Nancy Beasley / Masako Haney / Shelby Holley / Vicki Branham

    (Note:  Youth will be assisting in morning classes.)