The Gordonsville Herald

Volume XXXVIII, Issue 8                                                                                                                             August 1, 2019



I’ve Been Pondering . . .

The fact that my upcoming birthday this month has a “zero” in it.  If you must know, the zero has a six before it.  Somebody asked me what’s it like to be 60.  I couldn’t answer them because I haven’t gotten there yet.  But 59, has been pretty great!  Age, I’ve heard, is only in one’s mind.  Mine seems to be also in my hips and feet.  However, my “step-counter” reminds me daily that I do walk just about 3,000 miles per year.


I Ran Across . . .

A couple of articles recently that got my attention.  According to some researchers, in the not-to-distant future, we could feasibly see the average human life-span increase to 150 years.  Seriously, “one hundred and fifty years!”  Can you even begin to imagine living until you’re 150 years old?  It does cause one to wonder doesn’t it?  Imagine, with that much time, there’s no telling what you could accomplish.  Just think, with a span of 150 years, you:

  • Could save up enough money for your funeral.
  • Might finally get waited on at the DMV.
  • Perhaps see “leisure suits” and “bell bottoms” come back in style.
  • Might see the Redskins or Cowboys win a Super Bowl again.
  • Could possibly pay off all your student loans.
  • Can attend your 132nd high school reunion.
  • Will have all new warranties on most of your replaceable body parts.


Just Think . . .

With a life-span of 150 years, being “60,” I would still be a “young adult and those of you in your 70’s-90’s would be “middle-aged” adults.  It kind of blows your mind to think – “150 years.”  There is one downside though.  It’s likely that the senior discount, I already enjoy, would probably be bumped up to the 100-year mark.


Think It Over . . .

The Bible tells us in Psalm 90:10The years of our life are seventy, or even by reason of strength eighty; yet their span is but toil and trouble; they are soon gone, and we fly away” (ESV).  While some doubt the 150-year number, and it’s not likely in my lifetime, it certainly is possible in the not-to-distant future.  Who knows that breakthroughs lie ahead.  If you had told America’s founding fathers in the 1700’s that one day we would be able to fly like birds in long metal tubes all across the globe, you would have been considered mad and locked up.  Here’s my take . . . “Make the most of every opportunity” (Ephesians 5:16 CSB).  Use each day to serve God by serving others and make God look good.

                                                                  Seize the Day!


                                                                   Pastor Wayne



Lifesigns:                    6/30          7/7           7/14          7/21        7/28         Stewardship Report

 “Thrive Time”                 12            11               21              11             12         Budget Needs through July 28: $ 134,040

Sunday Bible Study        52            41              53             51            52         Budget Gifts through July 28:   $ 110,999

Worship                           73           64              86             84            71          Budget Shortfall:                       $   23,041

Offering                    $ 3,579     $ 4,166      $ 4,046      $ 3,134     $ 2,167

Average Attendance:         Sunday School    49           Worship (includes Thrive Time)    90




Excerpts from Minutes of the July 10, 2019, Business Meeting:

  • Nominating Committee Report for 2019-2020 approved as amended – Tina Collis added to Youth Committee (Copies available on sanctuary entrance tables)
  • Sunday School Faculty for 2019-2020 approved.  (Copies available on sanctuary entrance tables)
  • That the classroom known as “Betty Askew’s Sunday School Class,” be designated as the “Medical Emergency Center,” to be equipped and maintained by the Safety Team.
  • That Gordonsville Baptist Church purchase and maintain a Phillips “Automated External Defibrillator” (AED) from Heartsmart, Inc.  Total price $1,088.00.  Funds to be taken from the Contingency Fund.
  • That Gordonsville Baptist Church accept Mike’s Glass and Mirror’s bid to replace seven (7) windows in the sanctuary at a price of $2,973,36.  Also, to waver the three-bid rule.  These windows will have a 10-year guarantee.
  • That a room in the church be designated as the “Church Prayer Room.”  That the room have easy access and be open for use anytime the church is open for worship, Bible Study, and/or special events.  Also, suggest that the “White Elephant Room” be the room designated for said purpose.
  • That parts for the kitchen ovens be ordered and Ken Bennett will fix.
  • That a small concrete ramp at the Fellowship Hall back door be built.
  • That a 12x24 concrete pad ($6,000), fence, and lock for trash be built.

Want a voice in the workings of your church?

Attend the next Regular Church Business Meeting on September 11, 2019.





                                                                               “Christmas in August” (Back to School Supplies)

Supplies will be donated to schools locally for children with needs. 

Please bring your items and put them in the basket in

Pastor Wayne’s Sunday School Class.

            Suggestions include:

Composition books (sewn)               Subject theme books                  Boxes of Tissues

Folders (w/clasps & pockets)            Glue Sticks                                 Pencils / Erasers / Pens

Paper (wide-rule)                              Hand Sanitizer (bottle)                Crayons (24 count)

Scissors                                            Rulers



“FEED MY SHEEP”                 Gordonsville Presbyterian Church                       FREE MEAL     

Saturday, August 31      11 AM – Noon        Menu“Potluck”

Anyone wishing to donate food, please bring it to the Presbyterian Church before 10:30 AM. Thank you.


But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves” (James 1:22 NKJV)

Youth events and meetings will be listed in the weekly bulletins – STAY TUNED!

Don’t forget to join us on Sunday mornings for “Thrive Time Worship” at 8:30; Sunday School at 9:45 AM and

Traditional Worship at 11 AM.

THE CHILDREN’S COMMITTEE invites EVERYONE to the “BACK TO SCHOOL BASH” on SUNDAY, AUGUST 25, Noon to 2 PM in the Fellowship Hall.  There will be party games, prizes, balloons, food, watermelon, and MAKE YOUR OWN SUNDIES!  FUN FOR ALL!  PLEASE JOIN US!






SUNDAY, AUGUST 18, BEGINNING AT 10:30 AM (NO SUNDAY SCHOOL) COVERED DISH LUNCH TO FOLLOW (Fellowship Hall).   Bring a covered dish, salad, or dessert – tea and lemonade will be provided.


The Adult Choir will practice on Monday, August 26 at 6 PM.  The Choir WILL NOT practice on Labor Day, Monday, September 2.  Adult and Bell Choirs will resume practice on Monday, September 9 at 6 PM (Adult Choir) and 7:15 PM (Bell Choir).





DATE:     SUNDAY, AUGUST 11, 2019

TIME:       6 PM


Please come join us at Gordonsville Town Hall for a time for prayer.