The Gordonsville Herald

      Volume XXXVV, Issue 5                                                                                               May 1, 2021






Finally, Spring Has Sprung . . 

It seems like “Old Man Winter” just wouldn’t let go!  Spring is such a beautiful time of the year, as nature comes back to life.  It’s enjoyable to be outside, walking, working, and wheezing.  You know, every season has its pluses and minuses.  Spring brings flowers, showers, and longer daylight hours; but also, allergies, bugs, snakes, and storms.


Spring Can Be . . .

A dangerous time of the year with violent storms and tornados — they can be frightening and destructive.  It should be noted that storms of nature and storms of the heart are in many ways alike.  For instance . . .


  • Storms come . . . They are a normal part of nature and of the heart.  The Scriptures say, man is of few days and full of trouble (Job 14:1).
  • Storms come to all of us . . . Yes, even though you are a Christian, rain falls on the just and the unjust (Matthew 5:45) — no one is exempt.
  • Storms come to all of us when we least expect them . . . They come suddenly.  Crises hit, almost always at worst of times.
  • Storms come to all of us when we least expect them but do not last forever . . . One of the favorite Biblical phrases is, “It came to pass.”  It’s true, hang in there . . . God will give you “grace sufficient” to bear it.

I’m Glad to Know . . .

That Jesus was no stranger to storms.  In Mark 4:35-41, He went out with His disciples to cross the Sea of Galilee.  As they did, a sudden, violent storm came upon the boat.  Afraid for their lives, they remember Jesus was in the back of the boat.  When they found Him fast asleep on a cushion, they became indignant and questioned His concern.  With this, He got up, calmed the storm and questioned their faith.


Think It Over . . .

Could the storm in your life be there because the Lord Jesus is working to take you to a deeper place in your faith?  Jesus invites us to trust Him in our storms.  Sometimes He may still the storm you are in unexpectedly and quickly.  However, most the time, from my own experience, He grows my faith and steadies my heart so that my trust in Him goes deeper.  Whatever storm you are in, believe that He has the power to say “Peace, be still!”                              


                             Trust in Him,


                             Pastor Wayne




Want a voice in the workings of your church?

PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDAR and plan to attend the next Church Business Meeting on

May 12, 2021 at 7 PM (social distancing in the Fellowship Hall).



. . . has begun and is growing.  We are providing Children’s Church (Kindergarten through 5th Grade) on Sundays at 11 AM in the Fellowship Hall with social distancing.  All children and adults will be required to wear a mask.  Our Children’s Team has worked hard to get our children back in church and we are all grateful.  We look forward to seeing you on Sunday mornings!



North American Missions /Annie Armstrong Offering      GOAL:  $ 1,500      FINAL:  $ 1,155


WEEK OF PRAYER FOR GOSHEN MINISTRIES      May 16 – May 23, 2021                    

“GMO” (Goshen Missions Offering)

50% Partnering in Mission Work with Panama and the Ruth School

50% RuraLove


Note:  GBC supports this offering through our Budget {$600}





Names of church members graduating from high school or institutions of higher learning need to be submitted to the church office by SUNDAY, MAY 30We will recognize church members only (PLEASE CALL THE CHURCH OFFICE 832-2075 WITH INFO), but we will be glad to announce children / grandchildren who are not church members.



 Janet Hartsook, Chair, Bessie Decatur, Charlie Fincham, and Irene Richardson . . .

as they begin their work (first meeting Thursday, MAY 6 AT 7 PM IN THE LIBRARY) to enlist those who will serve on committees, etc.  May God bless each of you as you serve the Lord.



We appreciate SO MUCH the items that have been donated to assist with the craft projects for Operation

Christmas Child (OCC) boxes.  They are already being put to use.  Thank you so much!

Are you interested in doing crafts of items to send in OCC boxes?  Do you feel you do not have a skill?  Listed below are several of the projects and jobs needed that we are currently working on.  There is a display in the Sanctuary of items that have been made and some items that are partially made to show some of what we are


Are you interested in buying items for boxes?  Depending on where you shop, $1 or $2 a week can purchase—

pack of toothbrushes; OR 5 wash clothes; OR 12 pencil sharpeners OR … and you would not miss it when

purchasing other items you may need.

            OR, would you like to donate $$ to be used to send the boxes or purchase items needed?

            OR, do you have other ideas??  Maybe not even want to participate at all. 

This is totally up to GBC members.  We have a vision of throwing a “COVID Friendly” packing party, and to do this, we will need items made or donated to fill the boxes. It is never too soon to begin collecting items.  Projects do not have to be done at the church.  Projects can be picked up, taken home and returned for next step or pack up if completed. The schedule is not set in stone.  If there are better times for individuals, we are

flexible!  “Flexible” the most important word used in missions.

Simple jobs can include:

Pouch - Tying strips together and/or crocheting bags

Comfort Blankets – crocheting 1 or 2 rows around blanket

Ribbon Toys – Cut ribbon and tie around bracelet

Feminine Pads – Cut material and/or pin together and/or sew together


There is a job for anyone who wants to assist!  Just please let us know if you are interested and how you would like to participate by calling or texting Tina (540-406-0733) or calling church office (540-832-2075).