The Gordonsville Herald

      Volume XXXVIV, Issue 11                                                                                              November 1, 2020





One of My Favorite . . .

Verses of Scripture is Psalm 118:24:

“This is the day which the LORD hath made;

 we will rejoice and be glad in it (KJV).”

When you stop and think it over, every day is a wonderful day when we acknowledge the One who has set it up for our benefit.  Everyone of us is totally dependent on the Lord’s provisions to make it possible for us to have a day.

What Is Necessary . . .

To give us a day?  The “one” essential that we all need and enjoy is the shining of the sun.  It creates light, heat, and energy for all living things.  Who but the Lord could create a central lighting and heating unit to power our earth?  It staggers the mind to contemplate just this one essential the Lord provides.

How Awesome Is Our God?

He provides us with so many things in the course of a day.  He provides a layer of topsoil in which we grow our food supply.  He provides all metals in the earth’s crust needed for making all the machines that make life easier (e.g. cars, stoves, washing machines, dryers, TV’s, computers, etc.)  He even provides the oil in the ground which is turned into fuels and other petroleum products that we use every day.

Truly the Psalmist . . .

Was on target when he wrote, “we will rejoice and be glad in it.”  God provides us with all we need to carry on the activities of a day.  As we move towards “Thanksgiving Day,” let us be mindful to give thanks every day—for every day is a gift from the Lord.  Be sure to tell Him thanks, but instead of just Thanksgiving, try some “thanks living.”

Think It Over . . .

What better way to give thanks than to live life with an “attitude of gratitude!”  I am grateful for His call, nearly 15 years ago, to come and pastor the flock at Gordonsville.  I am grateful for each day He allows me to serve Him by serving you.  I am especially grateful for each time He allows us to come together.  I do look forward to the time when COVID-19 is gone and we all can be together again.  Until then . . .


                             Be Blessed,


                             Pastor Wayne




Please plan to attend the next Business Meeting on November 11 at 7 PM in the FELLOWSHIP HALL

(with social distancing).  This is our Annual Budget Meeting!  Copies of GBC’s Proposed Ministry Action Budget for 2021 are available in the church office (phone 832-2075) or you can pick up a copy as you exit Worship Service on Sunday (table near the handicapped entrance).



November 29 – December 6, 2020      

   “A Great Multitude + You”  Revelation 7:9  

GOAL:    $ 175 Million              GBC GOAL:     $ 2,500



to the church by Sunday, November 15.  GBC will not be a Drop-Off Center this year but we will deliver the boxes to one of the other drop-off locations. If you would like a shoebox, please call the church office (832-2075).  You can also BUILD A BOX on line at

The cost of the box is $25.00 and it is very easy to do.  Try it out!


Also, the “Global Hunger Relief” offering is due during the month of November. Due to COVID-19, rice boxes could not be distributed BUT you can still make a contribution that will be sent for Global Hunger Relief.  Just make a note on your check that the money is for Global Hunger.  There are Special Offering envelopes in your box of yearly offering envelopes that you can use.


Dear Jesus,

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, help me pray this prayer:

Open my mind so I can learn about you.

Take all my sin and forgive the wrong that I do.

Open my eyes so your love I will see.

I’m sorry when I’ve not been thankful for what you’ve given to me.

Open my ears so your Word I will hear.

Open my mouth to tell others you’re near.

Let your light shine in all I say and do!


Trust in God and give thanks for God’s blessings.

Shout praises to the Lord!  With all that I am, I will shout his praises.

I will sing and praise the Lord God for as long as I live.